The Fallbrook Hacienda is located on a 41 Ac ranch in Fallbrook, North San Diego County. The ranch was once a part of a much larger 600 acres parcel of land owned by a Romanian princess named Alexandra Ghika de Arocha. Princess Alexandra grew up in Romania, but also spent many years of her youth in France. She immigrated to the United States before World War II, moving to the city of Los Angeles. Eventually, she decided to purchase a country retreat and hang her dignified and elegant hat in Fallbrook. She purchased her very large property on January 14, 1946. Her Western style house was located in the canyon below the ranch, near a peaceful spring-fed lake stocked with various fresh water fishes. Princess Alexandra's charming house and pristine lake were quite unfortunately torn down and paved over by Caltrans when the I-15 freeway was built.

A portion of the large property was sold to her nephew, Mr. Henri Andre Leon on November 12, 1947. Mr. Leon had been born and raised in France and had decided to emigrate before Word War II broke out. He was well-educated and he adored reading, sketching and painting. Henri Leon became what was known as a gentleman farmer. He established avocado and citrus groves on the property and raised livestock on his ranch.

The original adobe house was built by Mr. Henri Leon more than sixty years ago, in 1954. The adobe blocks were handmade on the property and stacked with mortar. Large wood beams were used to support the roof. A large tepee near the barn/workshop, complete with an outdoor shower/bathroom and outdoor kitchen, was used to house the farm workers. Mr. Leon's house consisted of a family room with a large fireplace, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bath, and a small single car garage... all just the right size for a bachelor.

After Mr. Leon married a young lady from Mexico City named Emma, he decided to expand the house by adding a full new wing with bedrooms, baths, and a second living room with a loft. A large two-car garage was also added at that time. In addition, a room (study) was added on the other side of the single car garage, which was then converted into a living area. The construction of these additions was completed in 1969.

When Mr. Leon died, the Andre Leon Trust became owner of the property. Andre Leon was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon. She was a delightful, educated woman who spoke 4 languages fluently. She farmed the land, rode horses, raised livestock and lived in the house with her husband and their two daughters until she passed away.

Roberto Frulla, enamored of the old adobe house as well as the ranch's beauty and history, purchased the property in 2005. Though the house's interiors and exteriors were completely repainted and redecorated in 2006, its layout remains intact. Even Ginger, the ranch dog, is a mainstay and greets each and every guest with a wag of her tail. Roberto continues to farm part of the land, growing a rich array of exotic and indigenous plants and flowers, for his enjoyment.

The Fallbrook Hacienda architecture is strictly Spanish-inspired, with clues from the glorious Spanish Missions of California and adobe structural features abundantly present.

If you are interested in visiting the Fallbrook Hacienda, Roberto Frulla kindly requests that you call 2 days in advance and make an appointment with him. You will be welcome and will have the opportunity of savoring its romantic and old world ambiance.